Trump ordered “Neutralized”

By Chip Tatum and USAPolitics

When popular truth-speakers begin to seek power, they become targets of the establishment by way of neutralizing them.  This means use of subterfuge, intimidation, blackmail, sabotage,  and yes, even murder, but not necessarily in that order..

It happened to Perot. It happened to Hart. It happened to Carter. And in the latter of methods used in neutralization’s ie. assassination, it happened to Gandhi, it happened to Martin Luther King, attempted with Reagan, and it could happen to Donald Trump.

Now that Donald Trump has come so far as to seek Presidential office, the socialists, carpet baggers, and political class in power want him stopped before he causes any more upset to the status quo. Their methods thus far have all but failed. Here is a tally of failed neutralization attempts against Trump


  1. Subterfuge: This method was used against Carter (1980) Abolhassan Banisadr, the former President of Iran, stated “that the RNC (via former CIA director and Vice Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush and his circle) struck a deal with Teheran to delay the release of the hostages in 1980 until Reagan takes office.” It was this episode that emboldened Ross Perot against G.H.W. Bush)
  • This started in the first RNC Debate when Israeli operative Megan Kelly began dialogs  against Trump in lieu of simple questions for the candidate to answer.
  • The attempts to neutralize Trump and get him out of the race continued as the RNC organized the other candidates to “pile on” against Trump. This was evident with Rubio’s dialog with Trump in later debates.
  • Currently we see the tactic of pushing the remaining candidates, although with no apparent course to win the delegates necessary, to continue, thus robbing Trump of delegates that could be won in a heads up primary. Gov Kasich formerly the director of investment at the failed Lehman Brothers Holdings, costing investors their life earnings, is the man for that job. He needs 120% of the remaining delegates to take the primary, which, in this dimension is impossible. This tactic will lead to a brokered convention in which the sabotage tactic would come into play.
  1. Intimidation: This method was used against Perot in 1990.For more than 10 years the Perot/Bush hatred  boiled. In 1990 Perot entered the presidential race hoping to win but knowing that if he didn’t win, at least he would steal enough votes from incumbent President and enemy George H.W. Bush thus not allowing him a second term as President. Bush ordered the neutralization of Perot. The secretive team used intimidation against Perots family to force Perot out of the race.
  • These attacks against Trump began when the Cruz campaign released photos of Supermodel and Wife Melania Trump, attempting to intimidate Trump.
  • Death threat from son of El Chapo against Trump and Family members if he continues in campaign.
  • Eric Trump receives a letter and threat containing a granular substance,
  • Maryanne Trump Barry, Trumps Sister and Federal Judge receives a death threat. The notes demanded that Trump exit the presidential race or else.
  1. Blackmail: This was the method used against Gary Hart in 1988 as he was the Democratic front-runner and could have easily defeated Vice President George H.W. Bush. Bush ordered the neutralization. We used Beauty Queen and asset Donna Rice for the neutralization.
  • Yet to be used but is an option


  1. Assassination: A clear indication of the use of this method is made apparent by the attempted assassination of Reagan by Bush family friend John Hinckley. Hinckley’s brother, Scott met with Neil bush the night before the assassination attempt.
  • Yet to be used, however a reminder to bush of that attempt is seen as Mitt Romney delivers a message to Trump to quit while standing in front of a Hinckley Family Backdrop.

And now there is this:

A report written by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service says that there is an active plot to eliminate Donald Trump, and thereby his threat to the status quo.

According to this report. . . found in the possession of the 5 Saudi Arabian nationals detained by Lebanon’s intelligence services this past Monday after their private jet was forced to land by Federation Aerospace Forces was a “heavily encrypted” laptop computer device.

Upon Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) seizing of this laptop device, this report continues, they requested assistance from the SVR in “defeating” its encryption, which was immediately granted.

Once this laptop was in the possession of the SVR, this report notes, it was flown to Moscow where computer security analysts were able to unlock its “secret information”, of which the most “startling/confusing” was a document listing the entire travel itinerary and private security plans of Donald Trump for the month of October.


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