What Would You Do?

Imagine you are at work. Delayed from getting home for dinner cause the boss gave you a stupid deadline on a project that was practically impossible to meet? 

As you are in the office collecting the data and preparing the presentation for tomorrows meeting, The building shakes and you hear a distant explosion.

Hmm, you think, and return to your task.

Then another shake and another explosion. Closer this time and followed immediately by massive explosions.

You look out the panorama windows at the office and see explosions in the distance. 

Then you see parachutes falling to the ground.

You look back at the area of the explosions and realize that is in the direction of your home where your wife and kids are.

You run for the parking garage and head out for home…driving as fast as you can.

As you enter the neighborhood where you live, you realize that it has been carpet bombed.

No buildings left untouched.

As you get to your house you see the destruction. 

Working through the rubble with hope of finding your wife and children OK, the worst is found.

They are dead. Killed by the bombs of a foreign invader.

What would you do? Really, think about this. What would you do? 

Listen to the following and see what others think.

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