Top Secret and Sensitive – Results of American False Flag against Cambodia – Operation RedRock

In January of 1971 the United States under the Nixon Administration put into action a plan to bring Cambodia actively into the war supporting South Vietnam. That plan called for a Top Secret Mission into Cambodia by a select team on American Service members and CIA Assets to infiltrate Cambodia posing as North Vietnamese Sappers, Attack the Phnom Phenh Airport leaving real sappers dead on the ground and escaping the AO. The Plan was executed without a hitch. But The Nixon Administration could not risk the possibility of this False Flag Operation ever being revealed. So The second part of the plan was to kill Team Redrock.

I have attached the Top Secret Document from Kissinger to Nixon documenting the missions success. There was no recovery operation as was stated in the message. The reference was that Team Redrock was not found at the LZ which is what they had planned.

The team was briefed by William Colby and General Alexander Haig.

NO LOOSE ENDS as Nixon stated “No one can ever know what we have done here?”

Two team members survived to tell their story.